Discover interaction effects with the MiRANA network visualisation tool.

Designed for Mendelian Randomisation in Genetic Epidemiology and Psychology

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About MiRANA

This MR Automatic Network Arranger (MiRANA) tool is intended to help researchers visualise, explore and convey patterns of interactions between traits in Mendelian Randomisation (MR) analyses. This is the first tool for visualising MR estimates as networks.

Create a graph in three steps:

  1. Store MR estimates in a table (.csv file)
  2. Upload the file to the tool
  3. Click generate graph
User-friendly interface allows you to format and re-arrange the graph without needing to know any code.

Open source
This open-source project (code ) was developed by the Dynamic Genetics lab group at the University of Bristol School of Psychological Science and the Medical Research Council's (MRC) Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU).
Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

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View examples of MiRANA visualisations of MR estimates.

Getting started

Please ensure that your data is a spreadsheet file (.csv) formatted exactly like the example below (default output from the mr method in R). Check out our Wiki user guide for more help.

id.exposure id.outcome outcome exposure method nsnp b se pval
1018 1189 OCD Well-being Wald ratio 1 1 1.78 0.89
1018 1239 Education Well-being Wald ratio 1 -0.37 0.0089 4.39E-05

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External integration

MiRANA was designed to be used in external data visualisation applications. The underlying framework is highly customisable and has support for interactive visualisation. It is pictured here powering a data visualisation game.

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Observational data

An arrangement of observational estimates, correlations, between factors related to bilingualism and cognition.

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Academic style preset

A style preset with a DAG-like appearance and journal compliant font. Style presets are available to make formatting MiRANA visualisations even faster.

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Clinical style preset

A style preset with a focussed design and clinical color scheme. This is another available in-tool style preset.

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Industrial style preset

A commercial style preset highlighting positive effects; makes formatting MiRANA visualisations even faster.

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Designer style preset

A stylised design preset available to make formatting MiRANA visualisations even faster.

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An arragement of behavioural and personal factors demonstrates a path-like relationship between variables.

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Absence of relationships

Similar to a DAG, the absence of a line between nodes can be used to illustrate where relationships were found, and where they were not.

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Related tree

An arrangement of estimates which form a branching and collapsing tree centered around one node.

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Three estimates

An arrangement of estimates suggesting that schizophrenia causes three different traits, without any other interactions or bi-directional associations.

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Mixed effects

Some traits have a mix of effects and it can be helpful to visually seperate out the positive and negative effects.

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Massive networks

A massively interactive network of mental health, wellbeing and behavioural factors.

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